2012-2013  SCHOOL CALENDAR  

O P E N I N G  D A T E  O F  S C H O O L S

08/20/12  Regular full day schedule.

S C H O O L S W I LL  B E  C L O S E D  A S  F O L L O W S:

09/03/12  Labor Day Holiday

11/12/12 Veterans Day Holiday

11/21/12 - 11/23/12 Thanksgiving Holidays

12/24/12- 01/02/13 Christmas Holidays. Schools will reconvene on Thursday, January 3, 2013.

01/02/13 Teachers will work in schools

02/18/12 Presidents Day* (Weather Day)

03/25/13 - 03/29/13 Spring Break

05/23/13 Graduation :  Last Day of School

05/24/13 Teachers will work in schools.

*In the event schools are closed due to weather conditions or for any other reason, days will most probably be made up according to the following schedule.

1st Day Saturday following any days missed (at Superintendent's discretion)

***2nd Day Feb. 18th (Flex-Day Professional Dev. activities will be rescheduled for an upcoming Sat.)

Any additional days missed will most probably be made up at the end of the school year.

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